What ReqTool is?
This tool is designed to make requirements management intrinsic to the development process by making requirements easy to elicit, document, organize, print and track as changes are made throughout the project life cycle. ReqTool enables team-based requirements management on web - interface which allows easy viewing and editing project details.
High level features
  • Reduces time-to-market. Our product helps organizations improve both individual and team productivity, reducing the time required to develop and deploy quality software.
  • Improves software quality. Our solution enables testers and developers to verify the reliability and functionality of their software requirements quickly. Using our tool teams can apply requirements testing techniques earlier in the product development cycle to uncover errors when they are significantly less costly to fix.
  • Improves application performance. We help customers identify performance bottlenecks using documented test cases and understand the impact of alternative deployment scenarios.
  • Improves process maturity. ReqTool helps customers improve both the predictability and repeatability of their software development processes. Our product encourage teams to adopt proven software engineering best practices, which we deliver in an easy-to- access format directly from our tool.
  • Manages change more effectively. ReqTool helps teams track project status and manage changes to evolving source code by documenting requirements traceability, high level and detailed design information. Our solution helps organizations leverage technical resources wherever they are located, and allows multiple team members to work on the same project simultaneously by using cloud based access to the tool.